Backpack "Spaces"
Backpack "Spaces"
Backpack "Spaces"
Backpack "Spaces"
Backpack "Spaces"

Backpack "Spaces"

Sale price₴6,250.00

Spaces is a sleek and stylish white leather backpack that is perfect for anyone who wants a versatile and functional accessory. Made from high-quality leather, our backpack offers a classic look that is both durable and timeless. With multiple compartments for organization, it is the perfect choice for carrying your essentials wherever you go.

Whether you're heading to work, school, or just out for a day of adventure, Spaces has got you covered. Its unique design, combined with its practical features, make it the ultimate choice for anyone looking for a reliable and stylish backpack.

Leather products
To begin with, some general recommendations:
• If the product has gotten wet - has been exposed to rain, for example - do not dry it in heating devices, batteries or with a hair dryer - let it dry naturally at room temperature.
• Do not leave the leather product in the sun for a long time - the surface will inevitably burn.
• Store leather bags in the fabric, air-permeable bags that the bags are usually sold with - never in a plastic bag.
• If the skin is contaminated, try to use as little water, soap and other cleaning agents as possible when cleaning. If you can do without them, just use a dry cloth.
• Remove stains as quickly as possible before the dirt penetrates deep into the pores of the skin.
• Do not overload leather bags and wallets - the leather stretches and loses its shape, especially if it is wet: it is often very difficult to restore its shape.
• Sharp and clumsy hard objects can damage your bag.
Despite the fact that natural leather is impregnated with all kinds of fats, wax, etc. during the production process, it still needs nourishment from time to time. If you notice that the surface begins to dry or lose its usual shine, apply a special cream based on beeswax.
How to use? Apply on a sponge or finger. Rub the damaged area. Wait until the product dries, about 15-20 minutes. Then rub with a cloth or napkin. If roughness remains, excess liquid skin can be carefully removed with very fine sandpaper. To hide the boundaries between the restored area and the rest of the skin surface, use tinted cream.
Of course, if you don't want to take the risk of spoiling your favorite thing, and you are not ready to deal with restoration, let alone repair, there is always an opportunity to trust us and hand over the leather product for repair to us.