Black Eco-Leather Belt Bag
Black Eco-Leather Belt Bag
Black Eco-Leather Belt Bag

Black Eco-Leather Belt Bag

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The belt bag is made of the eco-leather mat in black color with one main compartment, inside with a hidden zipper and an additional compartment on the pocket. 

The bag is decorated with an original black snake ornament, making it stylish and unique. It is suitable for everyday use and will make your look stand out from the crowd. The belt bag was designed to be comfortable and convenient to wear, featuring an adjustable strap that can be adapted to fit different sizes. Thanks to its lightweight construction, you’ll never have to worry about feeling weighed down. Enjoy the convenience of this stylish and practical belt bag!

How to take care of your eco-leather garment:

Caring for a bag made of eco-leather is generally much easier than for products made of genuine leather.
Bags made of eco-leather are usually wiped with a cotton swab or a soft sponge dipped in a detergent solution for washing products made of wool, silk and synthetic fabrics. At the same time, it is impossible to allow the inside of the product to get wet. The remains of the cleaning solution are removed with a damp cloth, and then the bag is wiped with a dry cloth.
It is forbidden to wash the bag, as it can be deformed. If the lining is soiled, it should be wringed out and washed separately. You need to dry the bag in a suspended state at room temperature.
Bags made of eco-leather cannot be cleaned with cream. A sponge with glycerine (silicone) grease is effectively used for cleaning. With its help, you can give the bag a shine, soften artificial leather, and mask scuffs. In addition, glycerin impregnation forms a special protective film that prevents the accumulation of dust and provides a water-repellent effect.
You can use special sprays that clean, soften, disinfect artificial leather, remove static electricity from it, and you should also use napkins for the care of leather and eco-leather products, they have antistatic and protective properties.
To remove greasy stains, you need to use special products.